National Student Athlete Day


National Student-Athlete Day is an annual event that celebrates and recognizes the achievements of student-athletes across the United States. This day was established in 1987 by the National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NCAS) to honor student-athletes who have excelled both on and off the field. The day encourages students to pursue their academic and athletic goals while reminding them of the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, perseverance, and leadership skills. Student-athletes are provided with an opportunity to reflect on their accomplishments and recognize those who have supported them throughout their journey. It is also a chance for schools and communities to showcase their appreciation for student athletes’ dedication and hard work. Overall, National Student-Athlete Day highlights the critical role that sports play in shaping individuals’ character, promoting education, and fostering positive relationships within society. How do our student-athletes find the balance between school and their sport? 

“I always get my work done in every class so I don’t have to worry about it later on and that gives me more time to practice and play my sport.”-Orlando Magana, 11th

“I have to catch up with my work during the weekends because I don’t have much time during the week but either way I get my work done and I still play my sports.”-Alessandro Escarzaga, 11th

“I find balance by completing all my work during school so after school, I am able to play my sports.”-Jaret Garcia, 12th

“I find balance by doing my school work first because I know school comes before sports.”-Joslen Jimenez, 12th

“I try to get most of my work done in class so I have time for my sport after.”-Nellita Montijo, 11th

“I get all of my work done during class but if I don’t finish it I will stay up late after practice and get it done.”-Alex Cuevas, 10th