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Seniors, after all the time spent in high school, what are your plans for your future? Do you want to become a famous author? Or maybe become a lawyer? There are limitless possibilities as to what you can do next in your life, the choice is up to you. Here are the top 10 career paths students choose: Registered nurse, professional athlete, Artist, Musician/Singer, Sports Medicine, Surgeon, Actress/Actor, Veterinarian, Photographer, and Mechanical Engineer.

After high school the majority of students attend college, and the most colleges applied to are: UCLA, University of California San Diego, University of California Santa Barbara, Berkeley, NYU, and UC Davis. There are many colleges that you can attend that meet your requirements for your specific career path. Does criminal justice interest you? Take a look at CSU Sacramento as their criminal justice program is one of the most sought after programs in Northern California. How about film? Check out UCLA which is one of the finest universities for film, video & photographic arts. 

There are many possibilities for you and the life ahead of you. Here at Porterville High School, we have amazing opportunities for students and outstanding teachers and staff.

Here are some of Porterville High Schools own students and what they see for themselves for their future. 

“In ten years I hope to graduate from college and be settled down in San Diego. I hope to be some type of sound engineer, working on sound editing in movies. I’ll be most sad knowing that I’ll never be this young again and that my high school dreams will always be in the past.” – Senior, Russell Arcos. 

“In ten years I see myself owning my own company and being very successful and helping out those who believed in me by giving back. I hope to become a financial advisor and own my own credit union in Reno. The saddest part about leaving high school is leaving behind the friendships that I created this year, knowing I probably won’t ever see these people again and having to start all over in college” Senior, Arnold Whitton. 

“I hope to be a travel nurse as well as a nail technician as a side job, with a family of 5 living in Newport Beach in ten years. I hope to become a travel nurse. I am most sad about leaving high school sports like soccer, volleyball, and track.” Senior, Ashley Rodriguez. 

Like you, these students have hopes in their future, as to what they want to be when they grow up and where they believe they can go. Although there are many students that have no idea what they want to do after high school, many may take the year off and attend college a little later on, this also gives people all the time they need to figure out what they want to become.

In an article from Fontbonne University, they say taking a gap year is a good choice, in the passage they state, “For many students, a gap year offers the opportunity to gain skills and experiences while also providing time to reflect and focus on what they need to do next.” This shows that even colleges agree that students should take a gap year, as it gives them time they need to gain skills and more experiences and it is also good to allow yourself to rest mentally and physically. If you find yourself wanting to take a gap year here are some options for you, engage in volunteer work, and explore more of your desired career path. An article by Forbes Advisor lists some examples for what people can do during their gap year such as, “Volunteer, work abroad, learn a new language, rest and recharge, and travel.” Other options for after high school include the military or even going straight into the workforce.  

So, whatever you choose to do, know that there are endless possibilities and there is no need to worry about where you are headed. Here at Porterville High School, students are prepared for their future, but the choice of your future is all in your hands, and our seniors are on their way to live their lives as adults. Panthers, make it a good one! 🙂

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Shyanne Ybarra
Shyanne Ybarra, Reporter
First-year Orange & Green Staff member Shyanne Ybarra is a senior at Porterville High. Shyanne enjoys all things art and music. She is apart of Film and Literature class here on campus, along with Glee.

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