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What is senioritis? Why do we all have it?

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The term “senioritis” is a common affliction describing the lack of motivation felt by students reaching the end of their courses. As most college-bound high school seniors learn where they’ve gotten in and decide where they’re going, many feel the pressure is off. Whether celebrating acceptance to their dream schools or coping with rejections, nearly all realize that the die has been cast: The push for high school grades that used to drive everything suddenly matters much less. Between dealing with their course load, any after-school jobs they work at, and getting all their college affairs in order, high school seniors have just about had it. It’s characterized by a lack of motivation, decreased academic performance, and apathy towards schoolwork. 

If you’re experiencing senioritis, you may feel like you’ve already accomplished everything you need to in high school and that the remaining work isn’t worth your time and effort. There are several strategies by which an individual with senioritis can mitigate its impact. For example, setting short- and long-term goals could motivate students to remain on track and achieve their academic pursuits. Another strategy is taking breaks during mentally exhausting tasks, which could alleviate some stress sensations and decrease educational burnout. One could also reward their accomplishments, no matter the size. This can provide a sense of pride and help the person acknowledge what they have done. For high school seniors, the countdown to graduation is on each spring.

College applications are in, and admission decisions are trickling out. Some students may need help with finishing the year without mentally checking out. Things that can help with Senioritis are setting clear goals, creating a study schedule, seeking support, finding balance, and focusing on the future.

Staying engaged in class, breaking down long-term assignments, and rewarding yourself can also help overcome Senioritis. Managing stress and anxiety in many ways is similar to general academic burnout, where students struggle with the stress of handling school-related responsibilities or other academic career demands; it is simply a variant that impacts high school seniors specifically. It is crucial for overcoming Senioritis and making the most of your senior year. The Southern New Hampshire University article says, “A loss of motivation most often characterizes Senioritis.”

When students are denied admission to their dream college, they lament that “it’s not fair” or that they’ve “wasted all of this effort,” as though their work as students in high school and their aspirations for college were merely transactional rather than part of their development as learners and, more so, as people. In the aftermath of rejection, more students than I can count have told me they should have gone to a more accessible high school or taken easier (or more challenging) classes, taken more or fewer AP classes, or should have dropped sports, music, or debate “to get better grades and to re-apply to other colleges.

Its definition, symptoms, and causes. Senioritis affects many high school seniors as they near the end of their academic careers. It’s characterized by a lack of motivation, decreased academic performance, and apathy towards schoolwork. If you’re experiencing Senioritis, you may feel like you’ve already accomplished everything you need to in high school and that the remaining work isn’t worth your time and effort. While Senioritis can manifest itself in different ways, some common symptoms include procrastination, lack of interest in schoolwork, difficulty focusing, decreased attendance, and a general apathetic attitude towards academics.


I Interviewed some Seniors about what they think about senioritis and if they struggled with it during their Senior year?

What do you think about senioritis and did you  struggle with it during  Senior year?

“No, I didn’t really struggle with senioritis. To me it seems fake and it’s not really a thing.”-James Guerra 12th

“Yes, I did struggle with senioritis on top of all my classes and college classes.”-Isacc Juarez 12th 

“Yes, I did the last two weeks are the worse you want to leave but your sad to leave.” – Lukas Gomez 

“Yes, I did the last couple weeks I have been struggling with it.”- Joaquin Andrade


Good news, seniors: we graduate TODAY! So, goodbye senioritis, and hello world!

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