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    How Should People Address Climate Change?

    What is Climate Change? Climate Change is the long-term shift of temperatures and weather patterns. Climate Change means that conditions of the whether in many regions will change significantly. Greenhouse gases are emitted from the blanket of Earth and are released into the air, trapping themselves in the sun’s heat, creating global warming and climate change.¬† How can you address climate change? There are many solutions to trying to prevent it and here are a few:


    Renewable power is an innovation that brings in hope for a clean future. American solar and wind generation are breaking records and being integrated into the national electricity grid without compromising reliability. In other words, Renewable energy is referred to as clean energy, comes from natural sources or processes that are constantly replenished.


    Solar energy is produced when light from the sun is absorbed by photovoltaic cells and turned directly into electricity. The solar panels that you may have seen on rooftops or at ground level are made up of many of these cells working together.

    By 2030, one and seven homes are going to have solar panels on their roofs.

    Choosing safe ways to prevent climate change can impact our world in so many ways because it just makes us live safer and live cleaner.



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