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Summer Vacation Ideas


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As summer is right around the corner, you might be wondering where your next trip should be. Summer is the time for spending time with family and relaxing. If you’re thinking somewhere sunny and warm, maybe Spain! But if you are trying to stay in town, I have a few ideas on how to enjoy your summer with friends, family, and loved ones. 

 After long, hard days of school and work, you’d want a relaxing break. In this article, I will be explaining different ways of celebrating summer break, the history of summer break, and places to go for it as well. 

The concept of a ‘summer break’ dates back to the 1800s. America’s Agrarian (relating to the ownership and use of land, especially farmland or relating to the part of society or economy that is concerned with agriculture) Children would be working consistently on the farm with their families during the summer between the years. A calendar was set up where it would be the kids would have a short winter and a short summer. Though schools had a very different schedule. In the urban area, students would come and go to school when they could. In the late 1800s, schools would be open for 248 days a year, more than 180 school days. 


Pricey Trips & Stress

Not wanting to spend a lot of money when wanting to take a trip for the summer? Do not worry though, I have the perfect affordable list. From being in your hometown to being 30 minutes out, and even being out of California this list is perfect for you! 

Bar Harbor, Maine: There are so many relaxing places to go in Bar Harbor. Echo Lake is one of them. Echo Lake is good for kids and for teens. And for the grown-ups, there is hiking available so that you and your partner can enjoy time away from each other or even the whole family!  

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is located in South Carolina. The summers going to be long and hot, so being at a beach is most definitely the place to be. Imagine relaxing in the sun, glasses on, and sipping on a Shirley Temple. Relaxing right? At places like the Marriott located near the beach, guests can enjoy Italian dishes at Lombardo’s Italian Restaurant. Dishes such as a refreshing salad or even parmesan Risotto are also served. The Marriott is the place for you if you’re looking for a memorable vacation. 

Places in California – 

Finding a vacation spot in Porterville can be difficult to look for. Especially if your town is small. Though the Sequoia National Park isn’t exactly in Porterville, it is still near, which means you could still go. Just 1 hour out past Oak Grove, you’d be welcomed by many beautifully grown trees and nature. The park offers a touring and sightseeing trail. “The ultimate Sequoia adventure.” The park is full of breathtaking panoramas and expansive vistas. One trail to visit at Sequoia National Park is Sunday Peak! 

Lake Success 

Lake Success offers great fishing and boating opportunities for visitors. Located 5 miles East on CA 190. There are so many activities around the area such as Horseback riding, picnicking, water sports, environmental education, wildlife viewing etcetera.  

River Island Country Club

River Island Country Club is full of surprises, good food, and cool events. It is a private-public golf course that is open to anyone interested. On a sunny day and cool weather, golfing is a retreat.  

Summer is the time for relaxing and long trips. Being somewhere stress-free without any worry is a dream. Summer is the hottest and brightest of the seasons. The days being long, the nights being short and cool, it is the absolute perfect time to take a trip with you and your loved ones.


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