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The Titanic Remembrance Day


As the waves continue to wash over the tragic history of the Titanic, one can’t help but recall the courage and heartbreak stories that stuck with its legacy. Today, April 15, marks the worldwide remembrance day for the legacy of the Titanic. This day stands for the remembrance of those 1500 individuals who sadly passed away.

The sinking of the Titanic has many different theories behind it. Still, ultimately, the Titanic was said to sink in the North Atlantic’s icy waters because it hit an iceberg at 11:40 pm on April 14, 1912. The fancy 883 feet long, 92 feet wide, and weighing 52,310 tons ship was known as the “unsinkable ship.” The Titanic was on a maiden voyage from England to New York City. According to the article “Passengers of the Titanic” by Wikipedia, it is stated, “The ship’s passengers were divided into three separate classes determined by the price of their ticket: those travelling in first class, most of them the wealthiest passengers on board, included prominent members of the upper class, businessmen, politicians, high-ranking military personnel, industrialists, bankers, entertainers, socialites, and professional athletes. Second-class passengers were predominantly middle-class travelers and included professors, authors, clergymen, and tourists. Third-class or steerage passengers were primarily immigrants moving to the United States and Canada.” The passengers of the Titanic ranged from different economies. 

The deaths of many people were caused during the wreck because those who died did so mainly due to an insufficient number of lifeboats onboard the ship. The Titanic passengers were exposed to hypothermia caused by the cold water inhalation into the lungs. It is believed aspiration might have occurred after they became unconscious and, therefore, was the leading cause of death among the passengers, as recorded in the official report. Since the tragedy, journalists, engineers, ocean explorers, and survivors have been trying to piece together the circumstances leading up to that wreck. The article “NATIONAL TITANIC REMEMBRANCE DAY” states, “Countless hours of documentation, salvage expeditions, and interviews all record the perspectives of those involved. Every angle and myth has been considered, from the investors to the designers, the builders, and the sailors, right down to the communications and those left behind. To this day, it is still a heartbreaking and mesmerizing story, no matter where you begin.”

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