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How Much Are You Spending On Prom This Year?

How Much Are You Spending On Prom This Year?


In the whirl of excitement around prom, it’s easy to forget that the costs of attending the formal event can really add up fast. Of course, there’s the dress, shoes, hair, pictures, and prom tickets, but don’t forget the other extras that you may want to enjoy, like makeup, mani-pedis, flowers, and after prom activities! When you consider all of the possible prom costs, it becomes clear that budgeting is key to planning your prom experience. The average costs for prom can vary by year and region, but if you start planning early, you can save and budget for the prom night of your dreams. Start saving for prom as early as six months ahead of time so that the costs of prom don’t sneak up on you.

Side note: if you are short on cash and you’re stressing over prom, STOP! Just GO and have FUN! Throw on a cute outfit and go have fun. No one cares what you’re wearing or if you get a limo or do any of those silly things. Just go spend time with friends. 🙂


We asked a few people how much they are spending on prom. Here’s what they said:

“I’m spending all in total $109 on my dress, nails, and ticket.” – Allison Hicks, Senior

“I spent $130 on my tux and mine and my girlfriend’s corsage and boutonniere.”- James Guerra, Senior

“I spent around $130 on everything.” – Maritza Lopez, Junior

“I spent around $400 for everything.”-Maddie Montecinos , Junior

“I spent around $200 on everything.”-Alex Cuevas, Junior


Comment below with how much you are spending on prom this year.


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