Favorite Apps

Adrian Sanchez, sophomore-“My favorite app is apple music because I love listening to music.”


Aliya Alvarado, sophomore- “My favorite app is Netflix because I can watch my favorite shows.”
Marlene Ayon, sophomore- “My favorite app is TikTok. I’m always on TikTok when I’m bored, and I like it because its funny and I always find good recipes.”
Mrs. Mendoza, “My favorite app on my phone is Instagram because if you used correctly, it is a great way to network and connect with people all over the world.”
Victor Madrigal, junior- “My favorite app is Facebook because of it’s market place; I can buy a lot of things on there.”
Katie Ramos, sophomore “My favorite app is Snapchat because I can text and snap all my friends.”
Christopher, sophomore, “My favorite app is YouTube because I can watch anything and do anything on there.”
Masyn Hernandez, junior “My favorite app is TikTok because it’s very interesting.”