A Break-Up Experience


Beatriz Herrera, Reporter

Relationships can be challenging. Recently I had a friend who went through a break-up. Her ex gave her the classic, “Can we just be friends? I need to focus on myself and school.” She said she immediately started laughing due to such a lame excuse for ending a relationship. She told me she was a little hurt, but honestly, she felt like she had been set free from a locked cage. According to her, he was kind of toxic through the relationship and hardly communicated, but I didn’t need her to tell me that, I saw it. (Isn’t that how things are? You can see the flaws and mistakes other people are making but not your own, and you think you are hiding things but you’re not?)  Now, my friend admits she was a little mean, (maybe more than a little, I saw that too) but she always reminded this guy that she cared about him. She told me how she constantly felt alone and felt like she had to ask him how he felt about their relationship, and then it just started to make her feel needy.

The day they broke up, she asked him to explain himself, apparently, he stuck to his story and continued to say that he just needed to “focus on himself.” Leaving my friend feeling stupid, she even told me, “if he needed space, he could’ve asked for it, and I would’ve given it to him.” 

When they came to school the next day, she was surprised that he didn’t want to talk to her or look at her. (Come on I told her he broke up with you let it go.) But it wasn’t until she saw him flirting with another girl that she realized it was really over. She says she’s fine, she doesn’t care, and is trying to act like life is fine but I know she’s hurting and questioning everything about herself… is she smart enough, pretty enough, just enough?