Advice to My Freshman Self


“I would tell my freshman self to experiment with a variety of new things, such as athletics or clubs, because these are the kinds of experiences that will make high school memorable. Take lots of pictures, not just the ones for Instagram, but all the little moments. You can’t grow in your comfort zone, so go ahead and step out of it.”
-Mya Rivera, junior

“I would say not to procrastinate because if you procrastinate, you get behind, and it’s so hard to catch up.”
-Giselle Alcantar, junior

“I’d advise myself to work hard to get straight A’s. Also, to stay focused and not mess around.”
-Karissa Barton, junior

“I would tell myself to pay attention in class and to study for my tests to get good grades.”
-Yeraldin Leon, junior

“Some advice I’d give my freshman self would be to grow up and to mature; act your age, not like a little kid.”
-Michael Perez, junior