April Fools’ Day Jokes


Which day of the year do monkeys like best? The first of Ape-ril.

 Excuse me, sir. Do you think they named April Fools’ Day in your honor?

What monster plays the most April Fools’ jokes? Prankenstein.

 Knock, Knock. Who’s there? April. April who? April Fools!

Why do eggs like April Fools’ Day? They love practical yolks.

What did April Fool’s Day say after it won an award? Prank you!

What do you call a bear caught in April showers? A drizzly bear!

Why can April jump so high? It’s spring!

How does a flower make a bike go? With its petals!

What do you call a hammer bought on April 1st? An April tool.

What do you say when it’s raining chickens and ducks on April Fools’ Day? It’s fowl spring weather.