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Why Are Stanley Cups So Popular?!?


Stanley cups or “Stanleys” are a brand of reusable water bottles that come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. While the brand carries traditional water bottles, the most popular version is the “Quencher H20” line, a drink tumbler that comes with a straw and handle in 14-ounce through 64-ounce versions (such as the one pictured).

Now, #Stanleycup has over 6 billion views on TikTok, the platform on which the cups have become most popular, though some of the videos are being marketed by influencers. Thousands of videos on TikTok feature excited teens and young people showing their massive collections. The Stanley company has been making durable drinking vessels since 1913 and up until 2020, Stanley’s best-selling product was its classic green carafe with a metal cup lid. The company’s bread-and-butter customers were people working on job sites and outdoor enthusiasts headed to the woods or for camping. Imagine asking for a Stanley for Christmas and getting this bad boy:

So how long are they going to be popular? If you remember, Hydro Flask used to be the “IT” girl of the moment. Last week, it was reported that people were fighting at Target over the Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Stanleys. For now, it seems that Stanley’s popularity isn’t going anywhere…at least until the next cup craze.

Comment below if you have a Stanley or if you’re over the whole Stanley craze.

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