The Truth Behind Students’ Purchases


Rogelio Campos, Staff Reporter

“I love to buy myself a lot of clothes and I usually spend money on snacks at school. I also have a collection of Barbie‚Äôs, and I always buy accessories and clothes for them.”-Diana Morillon, sophomore
“I absolutely love to spend money on clothes. Almost every one to two weeks I order clothes for myself.” –Cynthia Alcaraz, junior
“I usually spend money on random things, clothes, drinks from Starbucks, and when I go out to eat with friends.” –Anabell Nunez, junior
“I like lowriders, so I spend my money on chrome car parts.” –Angel Rojas, sophomore
“I am an ordinary teenager and I spend my money on gas. I also like spending my money on fast food.” –Nathan Bodoh, junior
“I spend most of my money on Starbucks.” –Jezelle Cholnop, senior
“I spend most of my money on shoes, clothes, food, my birthday, and most of it goes to my car.” –Diego Lopez, junior