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Test Anxiety: What Is It?


Test Anxiety: What Is It, And What Does It Do To Us? 

Everyone hates taking tests, no matter if it’s mandatory or a pop-up, we still don’t like it. We take tests so that we as an individual can see what our personal strengths and weaknesses are, that’s why teachers and professors give them to us, and also to test our personal knowledge from past lessons they’ve taught. According to Leighton University, tests dated back to 1845, in Boston. The people who gave the tests used the information from the students to harshly critique the students and the teachers quality of teaching. But why do we get so terrified before a big test?

A trusted Neuropsychological and Psychological test indicated that 16% to 40% of students get test anxiety. But the real question is, what is it? Test anxiety happens before a test, it’s a nervous feeling we get in the pit of our stomachs, it gets to the point where it’s so overwhelming where we don’t even want to take the test. People who suffer from this usually have bad grades because of the lack of wanting to take tests. Usually, tests are a big part of our grades, usually 10-20%. According to, test anxiety is triggered by: Learning disabilities, trauma, poor study skills, the fear of failing, low-self esteem, depression, and  being distracted. Test anxiety is a very real form of anxiety and there are so many ways to overcome it, here are a few ways:

  • Find Out Your Anxiety Triggers

Is it the overwhelming effect of students in the room or the feeling of failing?

  • Find Yourself Seeking Solutions 🙂

When you figure it out, it’ll be easier to manage it. You could ask for more time, there are so many ways to overcome it and asking for more time could be one of them! Also asking for an IEP or 504 Plan can also be one other solution.

  • Asking for Help 

Sometimes we get to scared to ask for help, sneeze, or even throw away trash. But if your really struggling then you should speak up, even if it’s to your classmates you should ask for help from your peers.

  • Getting enough sleep

Having a good nights rest can also be a benefit to help lower the risk of Test Anxiety. This can help get your body ready and prepare you for what’s about to be done.

But what about the people around you, do you think they struggle with test anxiety, too?

I’ve asked a few students at Porterville High School for their personal thought and here is what they said:

“Before I take a test, I feel anxious and get shaken up.” – Ynes C.

“I get nervous and scared I’m gonna fail.” – Danna C.

“I usually get anxiety and overthink.” – Natalie G.

“I really get anxious of the thought of failing.” – Fattah S.

“Really nervous.” – Nehemiah C.

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