A Toxic Relationship…

Part of the Enough Relationship Series


Jaaci Patterson, Staff Reporter

They had been together for 3 years, from the outside looking in I’m sure it looked perfect. Their Instagrams were filled with adventurous memories and lots of smiles but behind closed doors, it was very mentally abusive. She wasn’t allowed to have guy friends, nor could she hardly speak to men in her family outside of her brother,  dad, and grandfather. He would constantly hound her about where she went, who she was with, what she was doing. She walked on eggshells wondering what she would do wrong next. The silence was torture and was slowly killing everything. However, it didn’t last too long because things got so twisted that the problems began to get loud. Things would break, fights in public would occur from time to time, & so much more. They would hurt each other so badly, but still, run back and try to forgive one another. 

It got to the point where her parents couldn’t handle letting their child go through something like that and forced the two to stop talking. He would call and cry to her about how badly he wanted to be with her & continuously asked why this was happening. She wanted to cry but she pulled it together for the both of them and chose to be the strong one by doing what was best and letting one another go. 

After a couple of weeks went by, she started hearing things like, he had brought another girl to pick up his brother. She then continued to find out that he was bringing that girl around his family and to all the places they used to go together. One night at a party, one of her friends showed her a video on social media of the two of them together, and how their names were listed on each other’s social media. It hadn’t even been a month. The worst part is, she realizes now that all of her efforts went into someone that truly didn’t even care one bit about her, and yet she’s still so hurt that she hasn’t even tried to move on.

There is a positive side to all of this though and that is that she is learning to be happy with and love herself, and how to live her life to the fullest without having anyone there to hold her back. She even hopes that this new girl doesn’t have to go through the same toxicity she did and hopes that he is happier too.