Junior Ceramics student, Julissa Delgado shows the mug that she just completed in Ms. Hernandez’s class.

Jaaci Patterson, Staff Reporter

Sophomore, Julissa Delgado, is The Orange & Green’s first featu

red artist. Julissa’s inspirations arise from her surroundings as she adds a touch of creativity. Normally, she draws and sketches in graphite and paints in watercolor. This year, Julissa is taking ceramics for the first time with Ms. Hernandez and so far, she enjoys using the medium. Julissa doesn’t just create art as a school assignment, she also creates art in her free time, looking through pictures for inspiration until it (inspiration) strikes! Usually, she’ll give her art projects to her mother as a gift because her mom enjoys her art. Out of the pieces she’s created, she’s unable to pick a favorite because “every piece is special or unique in its own way.” Julissa says, “When I make art, I’m really focused – and I don’t sleep until I finish it!”