Varsity Football Tops the Tigers


Karen Hidalgo, Staff Reporter


Thursday, October 21, the Varsity Football team took on Delano Tigers at the Jacob Rankin Stadium. Last night was also Portervilles senior night; we celebrated all of our seniors from Football, Band, and Cheer. The Panthers went into the game ready to play with determination to do their best and to take a win. Jaret Garcia, junior Running Back, successfully made three touchdowns throughout the game, allowing them to maintain a high number on the scoreboard. Marcos Loya, senior Wide Receiver, scored a touchdown as well and said, “I feel like we played very well, but there is always room for improvement; we have been disciplined, and after last night’s game, I feel like it is beginning to show. Senior Wide Receiver, Joseph Noriega, was also able to make a touchdown during the duration of the game. After a few touchdowns, Jacob Espinoza, senior Wide Receiver, made two-point conversions, increasing the numbers on the scoreboard. The final score was Porterville – 36, Delano – 3. The team’s final League game will be the most intense; The Granite Bowl against Monache will be on Friday, October 29, at the Rankin Stadium at 6:30.

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