Varsity Football Tops the Tigers



Thursday, October 21, the Varsity Football team took on Delano Tigers at the Jacob Rankin Stadium. Last night was also Portervilles senior night; we celebrated all of our seniors from Football, Band, and Cheer. The Panthers went into the game ready to play with determination to do their best and to take a win. Jaret Garcia, junior Running Back, successfully made three touchdowns throughout the game, allowing them to maintain a high number on the scoreboard. Marcos Loya, senior Wide Receiver, scored a touchdown as well and said, “I feel like we played very well, but there is always room for improvement; we have been disciplined, and after last night’s game, I feel like it is beginning to show. Senior Wide Receiver, Joseph Noriega, was also able to make a touchdown during the duration of the game. After a few touchdowns, Jacob Espinoza, senior Wide Receiver, made two-point conversions, increasing the numbers on the scoreboard. The final score was Porterville – 36, Delano – 3. The team’s final League game will be the most intense; The Granite Bowl against Monache will be on Friday, October 29, at the Rankin Stadium at 6:30.

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