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Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month


The month of February is a month used to bring awareness to the topic of Teen Dating Violence. According to statistics from Love is Respect, around 1 in 3 teens in the United States will experience sexual, emotional, or physical abuse in their relationships before becoming an adult, and around 43% of U.S. college women will report having gone through abusive behaviors in a relationship. According to Love is Respect, some of the types of abuse include physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, financial, and digital abuse. Throughout the nation, adolescents and young adults are shown to have the highest rates of experiencing sexual assault. Statistics have also shown women have a greater chance of experiencing violence in their relationships and suffer long-term health consequences afterward. 

It is highly recommended for people who have been in these toxic relationships to seek professional help because staying in unhealthy relationships causes the victim to have serious matters, whether it’s mental or physical, or this can cause the victim to bring these traits to their future relationship, whether it be with friends or one’s prospective partner. Violence in relationships doesn’t just refer to physical or mental violence but also emotional, sexual, or even stalking violence. Stalking is a widespread behavior in a relationship; this is where one’s ex-partner constantly harasses one, whether it be by texts, uninvited visits, or constant surveillance of a person without their consent or knowing. Another well-known type of behavior in toxic and violent relationships is gaslighting. Gaslighting refers to when a person manipulates the other person to get them to question and doubt themselves to confuse the victim and make them feel guilty.

From Wednesday, February 21-Friday, February 23, PHS will host The Lisa Project, which is an exhibit that walks participants through domestic violence and teen dating violence awareness. All freshmen and sophomore students will have the opportunity to experience the exhibit with their P.E. class during school time. All other students are welcome to check it out from 2:00-6:00 on Wednesday, February 21, or lunchtime on Thursday and Friday. Parents and community members are also welcome to visit the exhibit from 2:00-6:00 on Wednesday, February 21. The exhibit will be in the East Gym (girls’ gym). If you have questions, feel free to talk to either Ms. Reynaga in H-102 or Ms. Padilla in H-204.

The following links are some resources available for the people going through this, you’re not alone. Reach out . . . remember that love should NEVER hurt.

Teen Dating Violence

Resources for Victims of Teen Dating Violence

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