Phone Lockers!?!?


Joslen Jimenez, Editor

When hearing the word locker at school, it’s known that a locker is what students put their personal belongings in to store for the time being. Here at PHS, students will soon be introduced to lockers. However, they are different from the kind of lockers you may be thinking of. As of right now, PAB teachers are piloting the idea of lockers in classrooms for students’ phones. This being said, Tuesday, January 11, 2023, teachers from the PAB pathway will have a meeting to discuss the approach of this new potential policy. If all goes as planned, students will be required to lock up their cell phones before the start of class. With a word in the air, students are already voicing their opinions to one another on this new potential take. But what could this mean for everyone else? There might be some relief for those students who aren’t in PAB or not in a pathway at all, but the future is inevitable, and this new policy might just be enforced on everyone sooner or later. Lockers for phones may be the initial take to get students to stay focused in class, but there are definitely some predicaments the phone lockers may behold. When and if this policy is enforced, make sure to have your phones on Do Not Disturb to not cause further disruption while your phone is locked away in jail.