Aladdin: Student Review

A Must See Experience


The theatrical production of Aladdin we had the pleasure of attending was a remarkable experience. The exceptionally choreographed dance sequences and outstanding costumes brought the world of Agrabah to life. At the same time, the wonderfully crafted set design captivated the audience with its details and craftsmanship. Additionally, the cast did a fantastic job portraying roles such as Aladdin and Jasmine. Their energy did not go unnoticed as each actor clearly gave it their 110%, and every line was delivered with maximal power. Not only did the cast put together a great play, but the dual language addition to the script made it better for those who understand Spanish. Altogether, it is evident that countless hours of production planning and rehearsal have been poured into bringing such a captivating performance to life. We recommend this show to anyone seeking an evening filled with magic and excitement.