U.S. Plans to Ban TikTok!


Rogelio Campos, Staff Reporter

The U.S. government’s decision to ban Tiktok comes as a result of security concerns and allegations that this popular app poses a threat to national security due to its Chinese ownership. The controversy surrounding Tiktok highlights the current political tensions between the United States and China, escalating fears of espionage and cyber-attacks through digital domains. While Tiktok has become massively popular among younger generations, the U.S. government has raised key concerns over user data privacy, lack of transparency in their algorithmic recommendations, and inadequate measures for curbing non-consensual data sharing with third-party entities. As businesses look to keep in stride with rapidly advancing technology and prioritize data protection standards, many believe this decision marks an important turning point in mainstream policy toward social media’s impact on national security. However, Tiktok’s potential ban remains controversial as it may disadvantage some entrepreneurs by reducing their revenue streams while possibly opening up opportunities for alternative platforms’ expansion. What do our students think about this?

“I think it’s dumb because I don’t think it affects anyone in any way. It might but  I feel like there are more benefits to it like finding hacks for your everyday life, learning new things, and finding people to relate to”-Diana Morillon, 10th

“I am pretty addicted to TikTok so I think it would be horrible if the U.S. would ban TikTok.”-Cynthia Alcaraz, 11th

“I think it’s reasonable for the U.S government but at the same time I think they can just up their security and they won’t need to ban this entertaining app.”- Destiny Velasco, 11th

“I honestly think the government is overreacting and it’s kind of dumb because TikTok has been around for a while and if the Chinese wanted to take the information they would’ve done it already.”-Christian Torres, 11th