Zodiac Signs


Zodiac signs have become very popular in our time. The zodiac is a diagram used by people who follow astrology, to represent the position of the planet and the stars. It’s divided into 12 sections, each of which has its own name and symbol. The main use for it is to try to calculate the influence of the planets on people’s lives. The 12 signs are broken up into groups by dates giving each sign its “season”. The first sign is Capricorn which lasts from Dec. 22- Jan. 19, the second is Aquarius which is dated Jan. 20- Feb. 18, the third is Pisces whose dates are Feb. 19- Mar. 20, fourth is Aries from Mar. 21- Apr. 19, fifth is Taurus which lats from Apr 20th- May 20th, sixth is Gemini whose dates are from May 21st- Jun 20th, seventh is Cancer which is from Jun 21st- Jul 22nd, eighth is Leo and the dates are Jul 23rd- Aug 22nd, the ninth sign is Virgo whose dates are from Aug 23rd- Sep 22nd, the tenth is Libra which is from Sep 23th- Oct 22nd, the eleventh is the sign is Scorpio and its dates are Oct 23- Nov 21st, lastly we have Sagittarius which dates are from Nov 22nd- Dec 21st.

Not only are they broken up into groups by their dates but also by these four categories: Earth signs, Water signs, Fire signs, and Air signs. As pictured, the Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorns. Earth signs describe people as detail-oriented, down-to-earth, cultivated, grounded, and practical. Water signs are Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancers. They are described as people who are imaginative, empathetic, emotional, nurturing, and intuitive. Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius’. These signs describe people as brave, artistic, confident, passionate, and independent. Lastly, air signs are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini’s. These signs describe people to be witty, social, spacey, intellectual, and good listeners. As someone who may or may not follow zodiac signs, see how these traits listed may or may not relate to you.