Christmas Confessions

These confessions are anonymous to encourage honesty and protect the “innocent” too.


Rosali Flores, Editor

“I looked through my mom’s closet and saw everything I got.”

“My confession is that I don’t celebrate Christmas.”

“I used to read my mom’s emails to find out what I got for Christmas.”

“One time when I was younger I left my eyes open and found out who Santa Claus really was.”

“I drank all the eggnog, one Christmas, and I didn’t tell them who it was.”

“I’m secretly asking my mom for money because I don’t have money. That way I can save up and buy her something for Christmas.”

“One year I opened my Christmas gifts early while my mom was at work and I just re-wrapped it and pretended that I didn’t know what it was.”

“I move my sister’s elf on the shelf.”

“Around Christmas time, I show the Christmas spirit to the ones who need it the most.”

“I’ve had horrible Christmases and now I hate Christmas.”

“I give my sister one present because her birthday is on Christmas Eve.”

“I ask questions about their gifts to make sure they will like it.”

“I can’t stand talking to people, so I purposely run errands for my mom.”

“One time, I dropped my baby cousin when Santa Claus came. Maybe that’s why he’s scared of Santa…”

“I only like white lights.”

“I stalk my mom’s amazon account to see gifts.”

“One time my cat jumped in the tree and broke an ornament but I blamed my dad’s dog so we didn’t get in trouble.”

“When I was little, I used to unwrap my presents, play with them and wrap them back up. I got really good at wrapping presents.”

“One year, I unwrapped all the presents and rewrapped to see what I got.”

“One year, I realized I was in love with you. @ A.L. <3”

“One year, I walking into the closet and seen a lot of gifts that said “Santa Claus” LOL I realized Santa wasn’t real. :(”

“My mom makes me pick out my gifts and then wraps them anyways.”

“I have never watched Polar Express.”

“I told my sister Santa wasn’t real because I got made at her.”

“I was cleaning and left the back door open and my dog came in. Then, as it walked around the gifts, it peed on my sister’s gift so I had to rewrap it.”

“One time I set the Christmas tree on fire.”

“I eat candy canes until about halfway and then I leave them somewhere inconvenient like pockets.”

“I want presents for Christmas.”

“I’ve never had a kiss under the mistletoe.”

“I had a crush on Michael Ramirez. UwU”

“I moved the elf on the shelf.”

“My parents gave out Nintendo switch to my little sister.”

“I have two gifts to give to one person, a good one and a bad one, if they give me something bad, I give them the bad present.”

“I eat the cookie frosting from the container.”

“For Christmas, I spit in my sister’s food because she didn’t get me a present.”

“I touched the elf on the shelf.”

“I have about eight presents to get and I haven’t considered what to get for any of them yet. I’m too cheap.”

“I want to get a present for the boy who cheated on me.”

“I would tear little holes in the wrapping paper just to what I got.”

“All my family that comes in visits, I don’t like any of them.”