Dangers of social media


Perla Orea Sixtos, Staff Reporter

Now in days, teenagers use social media in one form or another. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, and while social media can sometimes be beneficial, it’s important to be aware that social media is associated with many issues and potential dangers. Some include stress, invasion of privacy, identity theft, and cyberbullying.

Social media could mess with people’s well-being, mental and physical health, and many other areas of life. It could also be a case in which social media can turn into cyberbullying, which can turn into depression and suicidal thoughts.

An ordinary post may be more than just standard to other people. People always have something to say about one another or body shame people and make them feel insecure. These negative comments can mess with an individual’s mind and cause issues over a selfie that people feel the need to make fun of.

Social media is a good way to stay connected with friends, family, etc. However, there are many cons that many people need to be made aware of when downloading these social media apps.

Accounts are often created by hackers who send links, which leads people to click the links they get sent- an easy way for people to get hacked. Yes, it’s as simple as opening the wrong link and getting hacked.

People also make accounts when trying to impersonate someone they really aren’t. When you think you are texting a friend or family member, social media isn’t very reliable because you could be texting a total stranger. You never know what could happen on social media. Impersonators could have a whole account just making fun of an individual or bullying them, and they will have no idea until one of their friends sends them the account.

Social media can be dangerous in general, so it’s important to be careful about what you do there, who you text, and who you are friends with.
Remember, what is posted, will be in the eyes of other people forever- even if you click delete.

Screenshots exist!