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What Is The AERO Academy?


 What Is AERO?

I had the opportunity to interview the AERO academy leaders and teachers. We talked all things AERO and how the academy works and what it’s all about. The first person I interviewed was Mr. Price, Mr. Cartagena and Lastly Mr. Navarro. I got the insight on what the AERO academy is about and what they do whiten the academy. Engine Technology, Architectural Design, Renewable Energy Building Remodeling and Repair. AERO is short for Academy Of Energy Resource Occupations.


My first interview was with Mr. Price who is our Remedial Budling and Woodshop Teacher.

What do you teach in Your Aero class?

“I teach solar curvilinear, and how to build house and the structure of building and how to build model construction, and how to install solos and engendering within how building works also how to become certified in many types of construction through OSHA which helps the student get a better hands on experience.” 



My next interview was with Mr. Cartagena one of our Pathway Math teachers.

How long have you been teaching AERO students and what do you teach?

“I have been teaching AERO students for 9 years I have taught integrated math one Integrated math Two and I’m now teaching Integrated math Three. In AERO we want  to provide students a engaging and effective educational experience that prepares students with the skills.”  



My next interview was with Mr. Navarro our Vice principal and the AERO adviser.

What is it like being the pathway adviser?

“I like it I think it’s great being around kids who don’t mind getting there hands dirty and the hands on training is great and a great responsibility for them to learn and build and model things for the community and it’s a great opportunity to learn life skills.”

My last interview is with Mr. Rivera one of the leaders of the Aero Academy.

What is it that you teach in AERO?

” I teach green technology i teach that there resources they have is good to use and not just to be discarded and AERO is focused on  renewable energy and Porterville High School is a solar school”.

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