Girls’ Tennis Wins Their First League Match


The tennis girls are officially in league play. On Monday, September 27th the girls’ tennis played against Tulare Union High School and it was a super close win. The girls won 5-4 games overall! Everyone on the team is so important but the game that really helped the team overall was Elle Mauk’s singles match. She started off strong as she won her first set, and on the second set, things started spicing up. Elle was down in the second set 5-2, she then came to a realization of her impact on the team and geared back up again. She climbed her way back up again and ended up winning her match. Out of the singles, Porterville won 4 games and Tulare Union won 2 and in the doubles, Porterville won 1 game and Tulare won 2. This means overall the team defeated Tulare Union 5-4.