What’s Been Going on with the WIFI?!?


There’s probably not one person on campus right now that would say the WiFi is great. Lately, the WiFi has been hit and miss, frustrating students and teachers alike. Teachers are going back to doing paper assignments and tests because the internet won’t load on our wireless devices, and then other times things are great. But lately… it’s been very slow and inconsistent leaving several students in difficult situations, here’s what some of them have to say about it:

“It’s awful and it makes class work a lot harder” -Trinity Bem, freshman

“The wifi is really bad and it doesn’t allow me to get things done. I wish they would fix it already.” -Izaya Welsh, freshman

“I think the school WiFi sucks because I can’t do any of my work here. I always have to get it done at home” -Angel Avalos, freshman

“It’s pretty decent because it works in some spots but in others, it doesn’t at all.” -Luis Torres, freshman

“I think they can do some improving because it’s super slow, it makes everything lag.” -Jalissa Rodriguez, sophomore

After getting some input from the students we decided to ask the Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Herrera, about the matter and she had some hopeful information for us about the issue. She explained that currently, the District Technology Department is looking into possible problems with the WiFi. They’re thinking there’s some sort of issue with one of the hundred routers on campus or a weird setting that is making everything glitch. An important question we asked Mrs. Herrera based on the feedback from our students was: if they (the district) realize how the wifi issues are impacting our students being able to get their work done. She responded, “I think so, they’re working on it even when they aren’t physically on campus. There are techs here every morning before school starts, I am in constant contact with them about what rooms are buildings are having issues, and there have been techs here every afternoon after students and teachers go home, just trying to fix the issue, and find the solution.”

Hopefully, that is sooner than later.