Online Ticket Sales Review


“I think the ticketing system is a little inconvenient for those who don’t use technology as much. This ticketing system may be a hassle, but it’s easier for those who count the money as they wouldn’t struggle to count. I think our school should offer both in-person ticket sales and online ticket sales.” Kalista Ayala, junior

“I am not ecstatic about this new ticketing system. Purchasing tickets online can be a hassle when you can just buy your ticket there at the game with cash. I think we should go back to cash.” Christian Gallardo, senior

“Online ticket sales are too complicated. Not everyone knows how to purchase them online, so I think we should go back to cash.” Anthony Anaya, freshman

“I quite enjoy the online ticket sales. I think it’s so much easier and smoother. I would say to keep the online ticketing system.” Carolina Reyes, junior

“I think buying tickets online is easier because you don’t have to pull out money and show your ID. I want to stay online; it’s easier and more convenient.” Preston Thavyvanh, freshman

“I don’t like online ticket sales because it’s unsuitable for some people as not everyone has a phone or a card. Without these two items, you can’t purchase tickets online. With this being said, I think we should go back to cash or at least have cash as an option.” Juan Bravo, sophomore