Girls’ Tennis Taking Risks

September 10th and 11th, the Girls’ Varsity Tennis Team participated in a tournament in Fresno. Coach Nelson’s take on competing in this tournament was to take the opportunity to try new shots, have the players build self-confidence and take risks on the court. 

Senior, Baile Cook shared that, “I learned the importance of staying mentally tough through an entire match. It was scorching, which took a big physical toll on me, but staying focused mentally helps me fight through all that! Also, whether I win or lose the first set, it is a huge thing to stay mentally tough through the second set. I can battle back if I lose the first one or make sure I win the second one. Being mentally tough is a very prominent aspect of winning, in my opinion!” 

Freshman tennis player, Ruhani Deswall explained what she took from the tournament, “I learned that consistency is crucial in a match. Being able to stay persistent and confident throughout numerous sets can determine the outcome of the match.”

The girls’ will take on Mission Oak on, Monday, September 21 here.