Girls’ Golf

A Conversation with Team Member, Brenna Galloway

Girls’ Golf will have a match against Tulare Western on Tuesday, September 21 at the River Island Golf Course. First-year golfer, junior, Brenna Galloway shared a few insights about the team and the season, “We are looking forward to growing as golfers. For most of us, it’s only our 1st or 2nd year playing, so we still have a lot to learn. We also enjoy hanging out as a team and having fun on the course together. Another cool thing is that we get to golf with students from other schools and get to know them as well. The hardest thing about golf is the mental aspect of the game. While physical strength does play a role, the most important thing is your mental standpoint. Unfortunately, if you are having a bad day, it can mess with how well you perform during golf matches. Mr. Herrera always reminds us that even pro golf players have bad days and that we should just have fun playing.”