Swim and Dive EYL


With the swim and Dive season ending, Swim and Dive will have their final EYL meets, determining which swimmers and divers will be going to Valley. Divers had their EYL meet on Tuesday, 4/25, at Monache. Diver Antonio Arellano took 7th place with 253 points getting him into consideration for Valley. Swim EYL will be hosted by Monache and co-hosted by PHS at Granite on Wednesday, 4/26, for prelims, and EYL finals will be the following day, 4/27, at Granite. This year the top 8 fastest swimmers will advance to finals and get a chance to win their spot in Valley. 

Porterville high school took second place in the EYL finals, with a big chunk of swimmers advancing to Valley in the top 34 for each event. Our Seniors Jake Kroutil took second place in the 100-yard Backstroke, swimming a 57.67, Charles Bodoh second in the 100-yard Breaststroke with a time of 1:04.47, Kaleb Klarcyk placed 4th with a time of 51.97 in the 100-yard freestyle, and Antonio Arellano in 100-yard butterfly placing 1st with a time of 1:01.71. Dive Valley will be held on 5/3, and Swim Valley on 5/5 at Bakersfield Christian.