Alcohol awareness month

Alcohol awareness month

Many people suffer great significant losses due to alcohol-related incidents, and it’s not a great feeling to lose anyone, not primarily to alcohol.

Every April since 1987, the national council has been on alcohol and drug dependence. Did you know alcohol awareness month started to target college-aged students who might be drinking too much as part of their newfound freedom?

For alcohol awareness month, people participate in things like red ribbon week at schools, run marathons, and wear red. During alcohol awareness month, we love to see people showing their support and care and being aware of everything happening with alcoholism and alcohol abuse worldwide.

Alcohol is a hazardous substance to consume because things like a car crash can happen if you drink and drive, and not only could a crash occur, but you can also get a DUI (A DUI: an act or crime of operating a vehicle while affected by alcohol or drugs).

Getting a DUI can be a lot. In most states, if an individual has received a DUI and refuses to take the BAC test, they will automatically have their license suspended for up to 3-12 months.

Upon conviction of any DUI offense, the individual’s driver’s license will most likely be restricted, suspended, or revoked, depending on the state and nature of the offense. A first-time offender’s license will be suspended for up to 90 days.

As April is now coming to an end, it is important to be aware of the different effects that alcohol consumption can lead to. Bringing awareness to such matters can increase the understanding of the risk of alcohol to minimize harm and make better decisions overall.