Origins Of The Easter Bunny


It’s time for easter break, our 4-day weekend. Easter lands on Sunday, 4/9/23, so our favorite little fuzzy guy is coming to town. We all love the easter bunny. He brings us so many treats and surprises like candies and easter baskets with astonishing surprises. He lays eggs all over your house so you can hunt for them. You may even get the golden egg with money in it! 

But did you know that the easter bunny wasn’t always a thing here? The Easter bunny was technically not a thing in the U.S. until the 1700s. Some historians believe the easter bunny tradition came to the U.S. with German immigrants. The Easter bunny wasn’t even a bunny. Initially, in Germany, it was known as “Oschter Haws,” or Easter HareThough in many cultures, the easter bunny is known as an enthusiastic procreator, the arrival of baby bunnies in springtime meadows is associated with birth and renewal. Even though the easter bunny has nothing to do with Christianity, it’s still something everyone likes to celebrate on easter.