MLB Opening Week 2023


Rogelio Campos, Staff Reporter

The commencement of the 2023 baseball season marks a new era in professional sports as teams seek to compete for the coveted World Series championship. In recent years, there has been a push for new baseball rules aimed at increasing the pace of play and improving player safety.

The recent off-season in baseball saw a plethora of significant trades and signings, with many teams looking to shake up their rosters and improve their chances of winning it all in the upcoming season. Some of the more noticeable signings this off-season came from the Yankees, Mets, And Phillies. The Yankees re-signed their star outfielder Aaron Judge for another nine years for $360 million. That makes Judge the highest-paid outfielder in baseball. Another significant signing was made by the Mets. The Mets added another fantastic arm to their pitching rotation acquiring Justin Verlander for two years and will be earning $86.6 million. One of the more mind-blowing signings this offseason was made by the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies signed one of the top Short Stops, Trea Turner. Turner was signed for 11 years at $300 million. Of course, other teams made moves to improve their teams but these were some of the bigger-name signings.

We are 4 games into the season and the only undefeated teams are the Tampa Bay Rays and the Minnesota Twins. Do you think these teams have a shot at winning the pennant? If not them, who do you think is going to take home the World Series trophy?