Easter Traditions


Everyone’s Easter is celebrated in different ways, but there are some things that are simply traditions that many people take part in. Some of these include:


1. Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are fun for everyone. Most of the time, the adults hide the eggs and when they’re done, the kids look for them thinking the Easter Bunny hid them. Inside the eggs are sometimes small toys and mostly candy.

2. Go to Church

For many people, Easter is a religious holiday and they go to church on their Sunday’s best along with their families.

3. Dye Eggs

Many people enjoy the activity of dying hard-boiled eggs into fun colors and some even create a fun design.

4. Gifting Easter Baskets

Parents often gift their kids an Easter basket filled with things they might like such as candies and even toys for younger kids.

5. Eat Chocolate Bunnies

Those hollow chocolate bunnies are a favorite for some people and others prefer chocolate eggs.

6. Vist The Easter Bunny

Some kids love and others hate it but there is no doubt that a classic tradition is visiting the Easter Bunny.

7. Giving Something Up For Lent

If you are familiarized with Lent then you might have given something up for Lent forty days before such as caffeine, sweets or ever swearing. Thankfully, on the day of Easter, you are able to indulge again.