March Madness Here at PHS


March Madness has made its way here on campus and is in full effect. March Madness is a series of basketball games categorized in brackets leading to only one team remaining. The name comes from the NCAA Division men’s basketball tournament, a single-elimination tournament of 68 teams competing in seven rounds for the national championship. 

This year, Porterville High hosted its very first school-wide basketball tournament, with a little twist of our own, to get students involved. 

 ASB came up with the idea to put ten teams together to create a mini teacher vs. students tournament. The teams comprised The Alley Oops, Goon Squad, Bye Team, Space Jam, Teachers, Barbzz, 1996 Bulls, Big Ballers, Toon Squad, and Washington Rizzards.  

On March 28, Toon Squad and Washington Rizzards had a bye game leaving them to play each other on the 29th. Also, on the 28th, the Goon Squad defeated the Alley Oops, which led them to play Space Jam, who defeated Bye Team. The Big Ballers outplayed 1996 Bulls. And the Barbzz were a no-show, which gave Teachers the advantage to advance to play the Big Ballerz

The games started on Tuesday, and the teams who won advanced to the following day, hoping to make it all the way to the championship game on Friday, March 31, in the Sharman gym. 

Make sure to go out and cheer on the teams competing in the championship game today. All are welcome and encouraged to watch the game live during lunch. Be sure to support and be loud!


It’s great to be a Panther!!