We Said, They Said

Students and teachers give us their answers to everyday question.


If you could go on a vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

  • “My vacation would be to Japan because of the beautiful scenery and to learn more about the culture.” -Pablo Mata, junior
  • “I would love to visit the Swiss Alps. I admire the greenery and the geographical layout. The mountains, snow, and local architecture are all so beautiful. There is something so calming about staying in a secluded town with great people and fun activities and entertainment.” -Yennifer Moreno, junior
  • “ I would like to go to Hawaii because I miss my family over there very much, I don’t get to see them a lot.” -Khristina Alonzo, junior
  • “Maybe Greece… I’ve always wanted to go because of the Greek islands.” -Mrs. Rice, Math Department
  • “I think I would go to New York, I would love to go during Christmas time to see all the flashing lights.” -Mrs. Vielma, Math Department
  • “I would start out in Hawaii and the reason for this is that my health instructor taught us about the memorial there and then I would end in Germany since I’m German and I want to know more about my ancestors and the history of Germany.” -Mrs. Fleming, Health Department