How contaminated are the bathroom passes?


Perla Orea Sixtos, Staff Reporter

Many have seen the bathroom passes and realized how filthy they are. Most of the bathroom passes are even damaged. Are students really to blame for the bathroom passes being contaminated with bacteria?

When students use the restroom, they usually end up putting the bathroom passes on the sink to avoid taking them into the stalls. Sure, this may seem like a good idea because it prevents potential accidents such as dropping the pass in the toilet. Also, who wants to hold a pass while doing their business? Having passes in the stalls is calling for germs to spread from one person to another because, according to Bathroom City, 200 million bacteria per square inch rest on your hands after using the average restroom. By taking the passes inside the stalls, you’re passing germs onto the pass, and whoever uses the pass next will be contaminated, and so forth.

When the bathroom passes are on the sink, water ends up getting the passes wet, which often damages the pass. Nonetheless, the spread of germs is being transmitted because people wash their hands at the sink, trying to eliminate the contamination they hold.

To avoid the spread of germs, the school should offer hooks in all restrooms so students can properly hang up the bathroom passes. Not only that but teachers should be required to clean the bathroom passes every week to kill all of the germs that rest on the bathroom passes.

On the other hand, students should do their part and learn to take care of them. Some teachers take their time to make new passes but do all this work just for them to get destroyed again. Some bacteria live on the bathroom passes due to them being placed on the ground or where you wash your hands. These places carry a lot of bacteria, especially on the ground, because people step on the floor and throw their gum on the floor. If the bathroom passes are on the floor, this will lead to the passes getting germs, which may lead to infections. The germs/bacteria could live on the passes for a very long time, which is why it is good that teachers make new bathroom passes, but at the same time, it isn’t because they just get destroyed again since many students are careless.

The next time you use the restroom, be courteous to your classmates, and try to keep the bathroom passes as clean as possible to prevent the spread of germs.