Green flags in relationships

Perla Orea Sixtos, Staff Reporter

In the month of March, green is often symbolized to represent the month because of Saint Patrick’s Day and the upcoming Spring. In fact, the zodiac sign Pisces, which falls in March, is affiliated with the color light green. With the color green being popular during this time, it’s important to discuss green flags in relationships.

Some may be thinking, what is a green flag? Green flags in a relationship are when your significant other does stuff you like without being told to or simply out of innocents. Green flags indicate that the relationship dynamics have healthy ways of doing things to make up what an enjoyable relationship should look like.

A few green flags in relationships are buying stuff for your significant other just out of the kindness of your heart, such as flowers, taking them out to eat, buying each other Starbucks, or just surprising one another in general. It doesn’t matter if it’s something small. No matter what, they should admire it because it’s the thought that counts.

Being a good listener is a big thing in a relationship. Your significant other should be able to express themselves to you without feeling a burden and know that you are in fact, hearing them out, not just disregarding them. Communication is a major one. In a relationship, you should be comfortable enough to communicate how you’re feeling or what’s bothering you, no matter what. If you don’t, more problems will likely arise, which may lead to a fall-off in the relationship.

Your partner should be your safe zone in which you know you can go to them when you need someone to talk to or need help with something.

Compliments out of the blue are green flags, such as when they admire you and tell you how pretty you look. Complements boost each other confidence and apply reassurance.

Other green flags include:

  • Being engaged in the relationship
  • They accommodate your needs
  • Does not take long to respond to texts
  • Respecting your boundaries

Getting to know someone genuine and confining such green flags like this may be difficult sometimes or even take a couple of months/years. But no matter what you do, you will always find the right one that treats you well and doesn’t make you feel some other way. Make sure to avoid red flags in relationships, and never let your guard down.