Team Selena or Hailey?

Joslen Jimenez, Editor

Whether you open TikTok, Twitter, or any social media platform, the Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber Drama is sparking the internet right now. For starters, Justin Bieber, who is married to Hailey Baldwin (now Hailey Bieber), dated Selena Gomez in his early teenage life. As typical teenagers are, they were together off and on for about eight years. After breaking off their relationship for good in May 2018, Justin married Hailey in September 2019. 

Many fans were in disbelief when finding out Bieber had gotten married so quickly after his final split with Selena. 

Now, years later, almost five years into their marriage, the drama between the ex and spouse is taking over. 

It all started when Selena Gomez posted a video acknowledging how she had “laminated her eyebrows too much.” There wasn’t much to it, just a simple self-conscious video she had uploaded to her Instagram story. 

Soon later, however, Kylie Jenner posted a close-up picture of her eyebrows on her Instagram story, saying, “this was an accident?????”

When Kylie posted her story, this led fans to speculate that she was making fun of Selena Gomez. 

That’s not it, though. Kylie proceeded to post another Instagram story showing a screenshot of a FaceTime call with Hailey Bieber as they were now both showing off their eyebrows. To confirm that it was Hailey Bieber in the FaceTime call, Kylie @’d her (@haileybieber) in the post.

Fans put pieces together and concluded that Kylie and Hailey had, in fact, been making fun of Selena and took action into their hands to talk about it on social media. 

Many TikToks were made about Hailey and Kylie in which they were being called out for “fan behavior” over Selena Gomez. 

As hate was being made against Hailey and Kylie, fans took a trip down memory lane to find pictures of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez from when they were dating, and uploaded them all over social media. Fans are reminiscing about the Jelena era, and Hailey is receiving backlash for her malicious behavior. 

Were Kylie Jenner’s stories actually about Selena, or are fans reaching out just to stir the pot?