California schools vs. the rain


It is now March, and despite the rain we’ve been receiving lately, we are closer to spring than you may think.
Lately, we have been getting weather below 60, 50, and even 40 degrees. The weather can be an obstacle for students at times, especially for students in California who attend a school with an outside campus.

For example, when students are trying to get to class on time, and it’s raining, rain causes puddles which makes students walk cautiously, so they don’t slip and fall.

When it rains, big puddles are often created, and students try to avoid them; that way, their feet aren’t in the water, and they get wet. Sometimes, this can cause students to arrive late for class.
The weather affects outside schools and does not benefit the students at all. If it’s raining and a student is trying to get to class at the H building, and they are leaving from the M building, they could be drenched in water, or hail falling from the sky could get all over their clothes. This causes students to track a mess into the classroom, creating a big mess to be cleaned.

Another struggle students face with the weather is avoiding slipping and falling in mud or puddles. Some students might slip on the concrete or into mud and fall. Not only would they be dirty and have no change of clothes, but they could also get badly injured.

Parents work so they can provide for their children, so when students are calling parents in the middle of the day asking for them to bring extra clothes because they fell and got hurt, sometimes the parents will have to leave work in the middle of their day to bring spare clothes.

As Californians, we have outdoor schools, unlike other states nationwide. Outside schools are nice because students can be outside and socialize in the warm sun, but everyone wishes they had an inside school in the winter when it’s cold and raining.