O&G News raffle winner!


Joslen Jimenez and Jaret Garcia

Congrats to our raffle winner for this week, Jayla Alvarado! Jayla is a fond supporter of the O&G News, and can often be found in the comments section, commenting on many of the latest articles published by our staff. For those who have downloaded the app, commented on an article, and have yet to win, don’t worry because the raffle is still going on. Next week, a new name will be drawn, and the winner has a surprise coming their way. It is simple for those wondering how to be entered into the raffle. All that is required is to:

  1. Download the Student News Source App
  2. Comment on one of the latest articles through the app
  3. Send proof of comment to @phs_el_granito on Instagram

The O&G News staff appreciates all the support, so thank you to those who stay up-to-date with the latest news published. Good luck to everyone who is entered into the drawing.