All About the El Granito Yearbook

Cynthia Alcaraz, Staff Reporter

As a member of the El Granito yearbook, I understand everything we do to craft the book and how much work goes into making it as perfect as possible. We all also understand why we’re making it. The purpose of the yearbook is to capture all the beautiful moments here at PHS. It also serves as a record to commemorate the school year. Being part of the staff also entails doing things to get people to buy the yearbook. We send out notices to students to inform them of important dates, make videos to promote sales and work on our pages. Thanks to Mrs. Herrera and the rest of the staff, we have been making pages look great as we continue to make an excellent book for those who buy it.

“Being in yearbook, requires a lot of determination and patience. The school depends on us to create a perfect picture of their high school experience which will stay with them forever. The yearbook class is a very fun environment and allows us to be more social. Overall, Yearbook is a great class to be in, I love it!”-Destiny Velasco, junior.

“Being in yearbook has many responsibilities. For example, always being on track with pages and making sure they look great and ready to be published…also always having to have great interview questions and head shots.”-Roger Tapia, senior. 

A sneak peak of the inside of the yearbook…

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