Grad Night Controversy


Porterville High School’s senior grad night is coming up soon, and spots are limited. This year our senior class of 2023 will be attending Disneyland California Adventures on May 31, 2023. The cost to attend is $185, which covers the cost of transportation and your ticket. Students will depart from Porterville High School on Wednesday, May 31, and return home at around 5-6 AM on Thursday, June 1 (the morning of graduation). Tickets are currently sold out due to a shortage of buses and a lot of controversy has sparked on how there should be room for all seniors. With only 110 tickets available and a class of 494 seniors, upset parents are contacting the Porterville Unified School District, stating that they should try to get more buses for more seniors to attend their last-ever grade school field trip. We asked our senior class students about this situation, and many had similar responses. 

Nisiah Martinez, senior
“I feel that it was unfair to students who didn’t get a ticket because there were only 110 spots with a 494 senior class. I feel that they should get another bus for more senior students to attend their last grade school field trip right before graduation.”
Victoria Pedroza, senior
“If it’s a day dedicated to seniors, they should make spots available to everyone and not just limited people.”
Emily Huckaby , senior
“I think it is very unfair for not all seniors getting a spot to grad night, considering we’ve looked forward to this since freshman year. How is it fair to have only 110 spots available but have over 400+ seniors? It is inconsiderate of them to have very minimal spots available. I feel like they should’ve given us a 2 week warning before putting tickets on sale because they didn’t give many of us a chance to collect money as that amount isn’t available to all students at one time. I also didn’t even hear about grad night from the school administration. I heard from other peers in the classroom and social media.”
Mylah Niksa, senior
“I expected tickets to go fast but not as fast as they did.”
Tenaya Murrietta, senior
“It’s unfair for there to be limited spots and there should be a spot available to all seniors. Why have a grad night if not everyone is able to attend?”