Behind the scenes of O&G News


The O&G News staff publishes new stories every week to keep you panthers up-to-date and entertained. The O&G News has various types of articles you can choose from to read. Readers can pick from sports, opinions, arts and entertainment, clubs and organizations, people, and readers can even learn a little about our staff who is behind it all. 

Students can also download our app: Student News Source. That way, they can get alerted when we publish anything new you might be interested in. We encourage you to download the app for easy access to recent news. 

Our staff reporters are very dedicated to our sports teams and players. For every sport coming into the season, our staff does a Meet the Team, where players from said sport get interviewed to learn a little about our athletes on campus. When we have games and events, some of our staff go out to the games to show their support for our panthers and to collect stats and write down how the game went and who won. In our sports segment, you can find all the scores of previous games, who we played, where the game was located, and sometimes even highlights from the games. 

Our staff reporters also conduct interviews on topics that may or may not be controversial to get an insight into people’s different opinions here on campus. The interviews get students more involved in the news because the school paper is for our students.

All the articles written usually contain information about the different things going on around campus, to editorial publications that give an opinion on a favored topic in the eyes of our staff. Readers can leave comments and likes under the articles they read to show their support and interest in the O&G News.