Worst Valentine’s Day Experience


Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day of love and romance filled with roses, chocolates, and oversized teddy bears but for some of these people, Valentine’s Day was everything but love and romance.  

“One bad Valentine’s Day experience I have had is when I went all out buying some girl flowers, chocolates, and a big teddy bear expecting for her to be super excited, but actually it was the complete opposite. She did not accept the gift and that same day she told me it was not going to work out so I ended up giving the gifts to my mom.” -Hector Avila, sophomore

“I have not had many bad valentines day experiences but this one time I  wrote a long love letter to a girl I liked but when I went to use the restroom I realized there was no toilet paper so I had no other choice but to use the two-page letter. So all that writing literally went down the toilet.”-Victor Madrigal, junior

“There was this one time I took my girlfriend out to eat. Other than having a rude and lazy waiter everything was going great until the waiter decided she wanted to ruin our dinner. As she was setting our drinks down she spilled my soda on me and I was all wet. She did not even apologize and had one of her coworkers clean up the mess.”-Saul Garcia, junior

“I and this guy once planned out a little picnic-type date for Valentine’s Day and I was so excited because this guy was the one who gave me the idea and I thought that was so romantic. I got all ready for the date. The guy was supposed to be there earlier so he can set up and he gave me time to be there so everything would be ready. When I showed up I looked around the whole park to see if he had set up somewhere else but when I checked my phone he texted me he was not going to make it and  was really bummed out.”-Destiny Velasco, junior

“I am scared of valentine’s day because of what happened the previous year. I really liked this girl and I thought it would be a good idea to ask her to be my valentine in the quad. I and this girl had been friends for a while and I had given her hints that I wanted her to be my valentine. I do not think she got the hints because when I did ask her to be my valentine she said no and told me some other guy had already beat me to it. I was so embarrassed, some people laughed others gave me words of encouragement.”-Diego Lopez, junior

“I did not have a valentine the past year and no one got me flowers so I thought it would be a good idea to go to a street vendor and ask them if they would like me to do some tricks in exchange for some flowers. I did some flips but when I did the cart wheel I landed wrong and the only ting I got out of that was a broken ankle and a trip to the emergency room.”-Diana Morillon, sophomore