Are students the problem for the locked restrooms?


If you guys have yet to notice, the restrooms are often locked. They are locked up because people don’t know what the bathroom is used for and tend to be doing things they shouldn’t do. 

Some people go in the restroom and abuse their restroom rights by doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing and wasting time. The restrooms are dirty in the first place; the last thing needed is to eradicate the smell of fresh air. Toxic fumes in the air that people release due to their unhealthy habits can affect other people around them in many ways.

Doing things besides your business in the stalls causes the restrooms to be packed, not letting students who actually need to use the restroom go. No matter what restroom you go to, frequently, they are locked, which causes students to have to make a detour in hopes of finding an open one. 

Let’s be honest here, the kids that need to use the bathroom struggle to use it because there are so many people in one bathroom- sometimes all in one stall, that those who need to use it run out of time and just have to get to class. Then they have to wait and go through the same process repeatedly. The quad bathrooms have been locked up, so people have to walk further, which they would prefer to avoid. 

It takes up time to use the restroom, and often times there are multiple students from one class who also need to use the restroom, desperately waiting for their classmates to arrive before getting the chance to go. Some teachers might think their students are out for so long just to mess around, but in reality, time is consumed by trying to find an open restroom.

The locked restrooms situation can be avoided if students properly use the restroom for what it’s for and not waste time there.