Valentine’s Proposal Controversy


Controversy sparks the air around Valentine’s Day on whether or not people must ask their significant other to be their valentine- even though they’re already together. Students were asked their opinion on this take; about if people in relationships still need to ask their other half to be their valentine. Should the question still be asked, or should it be a known thing?

Aiden Jimenez, junior
“No, I don’t think you should be asked if you are in a relationship because if you are my girlfriend, I shouldn’t have to.”
Estefania Mireles, sophomore
“Yes, I feel like you should be asked because just because we’re together doesn’t mean I’m automatically your valentine, so it’s a must to ask.”
Nelly Montijo, junior
“Yes, you should ask because even though you’re in a relationship, it would still be nice to get asked out for Valentine’s.”
Adrian Sanchez, sophomore
“Yes, you should still ask because how are you sure she wants to be your valentine? It would also feel nice to ask. It’s like if you were asking her out again.”
Preston Keovilaysane, sophomore
“Yes, you should still have to ask because you need to and it’s a must.”