Super Bowl LVII


The Super Bowl is just around the corner and is one of the most anticipated events every year. What started in 1967 and was originally named “AFL-NFL World Championship Game” has grown into one of the most watched championship games worldwide. This year will be the 57th consecutive Super Bowl. In the National Football League, there are two main divisions: NFC (National Football Conference) and AFC (American Football Conference). The Super Bowl is the last playoff game between the winner of the NFC And AFC division. This year the winner of the NFC division was the Philadelphia Eagles after beating the San Francisco 49ers 31-7 in Sunday’s NFC Championship game. In the AFC the winner was the Kansas City Chiefs after beating the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20. During the Super Bowl, not only is it watched for the players, but also the halftime performance and commercials. This year Rihanna will perform during halftime. So in this year’s Super Bowl 57, the matchup is between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, February 12th, at 3:30 pm.