Responsibilities of T.A’s


Being a T.A. is an option for an elective here on campus. A T.A. is a teacher’s aide. This is a student that will have a class period in their schedule where they are an assistant to a teacher for that entire period. Students request to be a T.A. for a specific teacher, and if a teacher has multiple applicants, one is selected from those applications. The student’s counselor adds it to their schedule like any other elective. T.A’s are given tasks throughout the period that the teacher needs. Some of these tasks can include passing out papers, running errands, grading work, and anything else that may be needed. T.A’s for science teachers are considered lab assistants and can help set up projects and experiments for the class. There are also some aides for the library. Each student is given different responsibilities. Here are some examples.

I am a T.A. for Mrs. Patrick. I get stuff ready for labs and I’ll help her grade papers.

-Viviana Verduzco, junior.

I am a T.A for Mr. Brown. I am responsible for helping students around the classroom with worksheets and setting up labs for them.

-Mikaela Martinez, senior.

” I am a library aide for Mr. Herrera. I usually just help to do small tasks such as delivering things.”

-Rogelio Campos, junior.